Benefits of Writing Daily

journalwritingIt may sound intimidating for other people when they hear about writing a book, poem, short story or a novel. Some think that they don’t have the skills needed for it and only creative people can produce a masterpiece out of combining words in a piece of paper. They think that writing daily needs a great deal of intellectual prowess just to come up with something.

Though it is true for some cases, it is not entirely necessary for everything. Most of people don’t realize is that writing is pretty much the same as talking but it is done through pen and paper. Writing, actually, has advantages and effects that even those who are not “writers” can benefit from. Continue to read below to discover what writing can actually do for you other than being understood.

Helps in improving you how to express yourself

It may sound cliché but there are really times when we can’t simply say what we are thinking or feeling, leaving us speechless. These are times when writing becomes in handy because aside from being able to convey our message, it actually helps us improve our verbal skills. It is just like thinking first what you want to say before actually saying it.

Helps in concentration and keeping focus

When you are writing something, it’s important that what you’re trying to say is coherent and organized so you will not be misunderstood. Trying to organize your thoughts so you can write them properly actually helps in improving your focus to outline your ideas and being able to write them fluidly.

dailywritingImproves vocabulary

This one benefit is one of the things that I can really attest as a writer. There will come a time that you will run out of words and end up using the same term again. If you have reached this rut, you will be pushed to actually search for new words or phrases in substitute of the one you intend to use. It may sound like a chore at first but as you go along, it will come out naturally just like as searching for a place to eat for dinner.

Keeps you motivated

Putting your dreams and aspirations in pen and paper gives you a mental picture of want you want to achieve which can result to your motivation staying at sky- high. When times of hopelessness wash through you, you can always go back to your records and reasons as to why you started it the first place. It reinforces our minds of the things that we really want to achieve.

You will get better over time

Writing is a skill that actually gets developed over time through constant practice. I have known a lot of ‘writers’ before who are now refusing to do even one write- up because it has been years since the last time they held a pen intended for writing. You might think that you’re not a writer but the truth is, you are as long as you set your heart our into it.

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